Karen Miller Writes- Philadelphia website copywriter


Your website is a business asset.

Copy first. Then design.

A lot of businesses invest in beautiful design and visual branding, but not copywriting. 

Who’s accounting for skillful persuasion, headlines that hook, and well-timed calls-to-action?

The words have to work.

Your website should be:

Intuitively organized

Easy to read

BS free




It's a no brainer.

How website copywriting works


  • Questionnaire
  • 90 Min. Meeting
  • Competitor Research



  • Strategy Plan
  • SEO Research
  • Customer Research



  • Brand Voice
  • Copywriting
  • Wireframes



  • Annotated Copy
  • Reviews
  • Revisions



  • Final Thoughts
  • Collab w/ Designer or Developer
  • Follow up


Project Minimum: $2,500

Copy Audit

DIY’d copy needs a second opinion

A lot of businesses DIY copywriting

If your website has:

  • Everything but the kitchen sink
  • Weak headlines
  • Robot content
  • Too many “I” or “We” statements
  • Voice, cohesion and persuasion issues

It’s time to bring in a professional website copywriter.

An offer you can’t refuse

Website Copy Audit
Actionable advice for better results—fast.

Website Copy Upgrade
Get a site rewrite. 

***KMW uses value-based pricing. Every website is different. Prices vary based on project and scope. We love websites. Please request a quote!

vertical desk
pen and paper

Brand Consulting

All copy leads to brand

People think in stories and make decisions based on emotion. 

Pay attention to the stories you tell— your audience is taking notes. Brand isn’t only features and benefits. It’s the reason you have features and benefits.

Grow with confidence

Brand Identity Workshop for Development & Positioning

Trust the process and learn:

  • What your brand is all about
  • What you’re really selling
  • Your why
  • How to position your brand

Brand Consulting

Service Includes
  • Brand Workshop, Copywriter Style: 60 Min. Call | Guided Questions
  • Workshop Review: Concept Capture | Strategic Analysis
  • Brand Insights: Specific Findings | Positioning Suggestions
  • Brand Position Report: Brand Clarity | Business Confidence
laptop on white desk

Content & copyWriting Services

Better, strategic web content

You probably need one or more of the following right now:

  • Website Copy Upgrades
  • High-Quality SEO Blogs 
  • Leads Magnets (Case Studies, How-to Guides, Checklists)
  • Landing Pages
  • Digital Ad Concepts 

Done by a professional copywriter.

Digital Marketing Consulting for Business Growth and Pivots

Grow and scale with strategic planning and execution.

Do more with less

You can pay someone on the platforms (or a robot) to develop content all day. But what’s it all for? 

Digital marketing strategy is never finished— it changes with your business. 

Get a strategic copywriter in your corner

content strategy